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Hi! I'm Izzy. I'm an artist from Austin where I got my Chemical Engineering B.S. at the University of Texas, did live art, and sold art. I moved to Richmond to work as a Software Engineer and do more art. My main form of art is painting (oil and acrylic), but I also do pen and pencil work and water color.


Most of my work focuses on realism, painting with a romantic style that evokes visceral emotions (hopefully). Themes of my pieces include dreams, enlightenment, and the beauty of sensuality. I also like painting classical sculptures. I like collages a lot.

Shows // Events




Women's History Month Exhibition

  Capital One - West Creek, Richmond, VA, Spring 2020

Almost Real Things: We got Issues

  Soma Vida, Austin, TX, June 2019

RAW Artists present: REFLECT

  Emo's, Austin, TX, Feb 2019

Art Escape

  Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, Italy, Sept 22nd - Oct 20th, 2018

Arte d'A-Mare

  Palazzo Saluzzo, Genoa, Italy, July 19th - August 9th, 2018

Brown State of Mind Series

  Movement Gallery, San Antonio, TX, July 21st 2018

Brown State of Mind - One Year Anniversary

  Space24Twenty, Austin, TX, June 2018

Brown State of Mind Series

  Cheer Up Charlies, Austin, TX, May 2018

Annual Spring Powwow

  Doris Miller, Austin, TX, April 2018

Not Another House Party

  Scratchouse, Austin, TX, Dec 2017


  Scratchouse, Austin, TX, Oct 2017


INSTAGRAM: @izzcheng

Richmond, VA

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