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4'x3' Oil on canvas.

December 2016

Think about your interpretation before reading below. I really like hearing different perspectives / ideas people have on /about it.

Inspired by the god helmet (look that shit up - it's crazy). this piece plays with the experience of having your mind opened to a whole new idea / truth / mindset. The skeletons, that can be interpreted as the fates, open a new realm to the explorer, the exit sign behind them signifying this as a portal to another dimension. Tears flow from the eye on the right, caused from an overwhelming rush of emotions as her perception of reality is shifted and expanded.

Or maybe it's just a trip to space. What do you think?

This painting was stolen by Caeleb Abundo (he moved // won't reply to me). If you know how I can get this back, please let me know. (He told me he would sell it for me but just ended up taking it, saying I gave it to him. I shouldn't have trusted him, but here we are.

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